Jeff Jonas​

And Geospatial Data is Analytics Superfood

​Jeff Jonas is an acclaimed data scientist who thrives on solving some of the world’s most complex business challenges. His context computing systems extract useful intelligence from tsunamis of data. Jonas shares stories of how the systems he has developed have tackled high-profile challenges including identifying potential terrorists and earlier detection of surprise asteroids, to name a few. He will take you through how to make sense of the “space-time-travel” data about how things move that is being created by billions of mobile devices and the Internet of Things – what becomes computable is outright amazing. Why is all this so important? The most competitive organizations are going to make sense of what they are observing fast enough, to do something about it, while they are observing it. After this presentation, you will never think about data again the same way.

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Big Data. New Physics.

Organizational Amnesia and What to Do about It

A video from my past life as an IBM Fellow!

There are a series of macro trends playing out that are going to force organizations to re-think how they make sense of data and compete. For example, organizations are getting dumber – an effect caused in part by advances in information technology which help to produce information at rates faster than organizations can make sense of it. What does this mean? While organizations already recognize that information overload is driving inefficiency, missed opportunity and missed risk, it is going to get so much worse that it is safe to say “no army of analysts, of any size, is going to remedy this trend by brute force.” Now what? After this presentation, you will never not only think about data in new ways, you will be on a mission to liberate your organization’s information assets.

Context Computing

Opportunists consider Las Vegas an excellent target - not only because of the vast amounts of cash that changes hands, but also the ability to get lost in the 40 million people who visit annually. There are single scams that can cost a casino $250,000 in 15 minutes. Other activities, such as unknowingly transacting with an "excluded person", can cost an organization its gaming license. Learn how context computing systems have greatly collapsed the window of time between detection and preemption. Jonas, a 25 year Las Vegas resident, has architected and built numerous casino systems, will take you behind the scenes in Vegas and describe "trip-wires" that now make it possible to detect the unwanted -- in some cases even before the opportunist arrives at the casino. Jeff’s work has been featured on many documentaries, bestselling books and popular movies.

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Cops and Robbers Las Vegas Style